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The Origin of FYM came from a conversation about how important it is for a man to be fed properly by his mate. We wanted to give honor to the woman for all that she gives and brings into the world. Her role is the most important in terms of all that she sacrifices to provide what's necessary for the health of her household. The woman's multiple roles as a mother, wife, and individual that is equipped with the ability to give life to the world and sustain it. 

The Logo

The woman's hands bearing/giving fruit as an offering. She has sacrificed her time and efforts to provide a meal for her household. The fruit symbolize the woman holding the resources for physical/mental health. It also connects to her ability to bear fruit of her womb.


The Brand

With the FYM and Family Clothing Line, we have found a way to give back to the woman for all she gives to the world. We design clothing for women that highlight what they do, as well as shine a light on who they are as individuals.